Mid-Century Dreams



Mid-Century comes to life at Rocket City Retro, a furniture and decor shoppe located about 30 minutes from our hotel.  This store, located in Cocoa, Florida, specializes in collections from the 50′s-70′s including furnishings from the 50′s-70′s.    Within the past 10 years there has been a growing appreciation for the simple and elegant styles of architecture and decor which flourished in the mid-1900′s.  This has led to specialty stores which sell exclusively antiques from this period.  It has become especially popular for individuals to decorate entire rooms it this minimalistic decor.

For this reason stores like Rocket City Retro have gained a strong following of customers who eagerly visit to see the one-of-a-kind items which may become a part of their unique home collections.  Amongst these items are designers like Herman Miller, Eames, Stickley, Broyhill, Drexel, Knoll, Vladimir Kagan, American Furniture Company of Martinsville, VA, and Thomasville.

Some of their vintage collections include drip lamps, Danish slat-board tables and other furniture,  sectionals and couches, old stereos, blown glass sculptures, coffee tables, credenzas, end tables and wall art.  Part of the popularity behind this style of decorating is the show Mad Men, which was set primarily in the 60′s, and features many pieces of furniture which were mass produced during this period.

The phenomena of Mid-Century specific antique stores creates a community of individuals who all share a passion for this style and period in time.  Often the stores will host mixers or events which combine the experience of shopping with socializing and appreciation for the items in the store.  Most stores are laid out like living rooms or museum exhibits so that you can easily imaging what they looked like in their heyday.  This particular store has hosted Tiki Nights, 25% off sales, New Years Eve Parties, and more events open to the public.

Tho find out more about Rocket City Retro, or the culture of those who collect and preserve Mid-Century pieces, please visit their website by clicking here.

By Becky Schaff

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