Sky Diving on the Space Coast

 skydive1Although the Space Coast is known for sending rockets and shuttles into space, it also boasts the world’s highest tandem sky dives. You can go plummeting through the atmosphere at exhilarating speeds and you don’t event need to be an astronaut to join in the fun!

Our Titusville hotel is located only three miles from Sky Dive Space Center, and offers convenient access to this once-in-a-lifetime thrill.  Sky diving can be done by people whith prior experience or even people with no formal training.  For those guests who have not experience, tandem jumps are available where you would be fastened to an instructor with a secure harness.  The instructor would be in charge of the parachute and all you have to do is listen to a short safety training session prior to going up in the aircraft.

The Sky Dive Space Center is unique in that it has been granted permission from NASA to fly over the Kennedy Space Center launch pads and assembly buildings on its climb to an 18,000 foot altitude where divers free fall from the world’s highest tandem jumps.  The free fall lasts about a minute and you gain speeds of up to 120 miles an hour during this time.  At this time, the instructor opens the parachute and you spend about 4-6 minutes slowly descending and admiring the view of Florida’s Space Coast from the air.

Sky Dive Space Coast also offers training courses that include AFF certifications so that you can become an experienced diver and forgo the tandem jumps.  These are the divers who are known to participate in synchronized diver displays in free fall.  You can become certified to free fall on your own in 4 to 5 days and you can enjoy Florida’s highest   free fall training at this location.  For both tandem and individual free falls, photography and video are available upon request so you can capture the adventure of a lifetime to share with friends and family.  To find out more, please click here.

By Becky Schaff

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