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Brevard Duck Race 2014

    The Great Brevard Duck Race 2014 Looking  to have a Quacktastic Time?? On Sunday, April 13, 2014 you may want to venture on down to The Great Brevard …More

Dixie Crossroads - thumbnail

    Dixie Crossroads of Titusville, Florida is a local landmark that has a regional reputation for savory Southern flavors, fresh caught local seafood, a family fun atmosphere, and some …More

sky dive

 Although the Space Coast is known for sending rockets and shuttles into space, it also boasts the world’s highest tandem sky dives. You can go plummeting through the atmosphere at …More

Kayak tours

    The Space Coast is known for not only its Aeronautical missions but also its eco-themed adventures and destinations.  At Day Away Kayak Tours, located only a few miles …More

Bristow Academy

      Bristow Academy is one of the premier schools for helicopter training and is located only a few minutes drive from our Quality Inn Kennedy Space Center. It …More


The Space Coast is one of the best places to go birding.  With numerous species to discover, you are sure to see something amazing and vibrant.  The Great Florida Birding …More